Saturday, June 30, 2007

Splish Spash Birthday Party Bash!

I feel great.

Is there any better feeling than when a party goes off without a hitch? For three-year-olds, nonetheless?


Celebrating that birthday party on a gorgeous summer day with some delicious food and great friends.

Kurt played the role of lifeguard to direct people to the party. Against my wishes, he refused to wear the flippers. On a side note, we think we'll probably retain the whistle...the shrill sound tends to stop the kids in their tracks.

Here's one of the many awesome gifts we received. It's a Splash Rocket that will shoot about 20 feet up into the air when its fired by the controller. The kids were fascinated, but I think the Dads got an even bigger kick out of it and spent a chunk of time "testing" it out.

The boys received swim goggles, and it would be an understatement to say they liked them. Alex went to sleep tonight wearing his.

Happy Birthday boys.